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The Bedroom Light!

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We finally have a ceiling light in our bedroom! We no longer are using lamps to light our space anymore! Last week EQ3 had their annual clearance event at their warehouse here in town, so I thought I’d go take a look around to see if I could find any good deals. I found a… Read more »

Patching the Ceiling

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Last week I spent a lot of time doing the finishing touches on our master bedroom. The biggest main task that was left to do was getting the ceiling ready – patching the hole left from where the old ceiling light had been. Since the ceiling light hole was fairly large, we couldn’t simply patch… Read more »

A few ramblings…

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I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post! I thought I’d take a day off, which turned into two, three… I definitely needed the time to decompress though. I feel like I’ve been throwing myself into everything 150% lately and hadn’t taken a minute to stop and breathe. Anyways, I’m back with… Read more »

Installing Baseboards

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One thing my family is notorious for is baseboards – or lack thereof. Growing up, we moved and renovated a lot, and for some reason we’d always get 95% done and then never finish putting up baseboards. So I was determined to get baseboards up around the new wall in our master bedroom! I’d never… Read more »

House Tidbits

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As I’ve been home during the days, I’m trying to find a good balance in splitting my time between freelancing (or small business prep), blogging, and working on our renovations. I have to admit, when I’m feeling tired of looking at a computer screen, it’s awfully tempting to get up and plug away at a… Read more »

The First Spring Melt

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Well, it’s official – we have no more snow left in Winnipeg. For a lot of Winnipeggers, the big melt means water in the basement, so we were anxious to see what spring would bring for our home. Well, we lucked out. During the big melt, we had not a drop of water in our… Read more »

Surprise, Mike! Part 2

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Yesterday I shared how I decided to surprise Mike while he was away for a week for work by finishing off as much of our master bedroom as possible. Today we’re taking a look at what colour I ended up choosing for painting the room, without any input from Mike (he said I get to… Read more »

Surprise, Mike! Part 1

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I love surprises. Sometimes I feel like Kristen Wiig in that SNL sketch because I love surprises so much. I get so excited thinking of the other person’s reaction! Mike, however, hates surprises, but I thought I’d try to pull one off that he wouldn’t mind. Mike was gone all last week to California for… Read more »

We have water!

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After 4.5 months of having no dishwasher or kitchen sink, we finally have water! This means no more washing dishes in the bathroom sink! Seriously, this may even be more exciting than getting countertops. The sink had been in place since the counters were installed last week, and the dishwasher had been in place since… Read more »