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Child Architect – Drawing 54

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Another edition of Child Architect. What do you guys think of the series so far? Again, this drawing isn’t dated, but I think it’s from around when I would have been 9 or 10. Drawing 54 Square Feet: 3,328 Stories: 2 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 4 Main Floor Our main floor features a teensy tiny “2… Read more »

Child Architect – Drawing 55

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Time for another edition of Child Architect! This drawing again isn’t dated, but I’m guess it’s from around grade 5 so age 10 or so. You can tell I was trying to do the same writing style they do on real blueprints, haha. I also love how all the rooms on the main floor are… Read more »

Child Architect – Drawing 53

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So today’s my second Child Architect post! Awesome! I’m having fun doing these. What do you think of them? I’m not too sure what’s up with today’s house. Apparently I had a thing for circle rooms. I’m thinking this one is probably from when I was 12. Drawing 53 Square Feet: 4,030 Stories: 2 Bedrooms:… Read more »

Child Architect – Drawing 56

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Finally! Today is the first time I’m doing my Child Architect feature and I’m really excited for it! If you didn’t know, when I was a kid all I wanted to be was an architect. I had binders and binders full of floorplans that I drew. After drawing the house, I’d often go through the… Read more »

On the Weekend – Folklorama

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So I literally was all ready to go for today’s Child Architect. I had my floorplans picked out, a blog written up and bam. The scanner at my work wasn’t working. Grr. Hopefully it’ll be ready for next week! Anyways, this was a pretty busy weekend for me but I got to take in a… Read more »

News + A Blog Update

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First of all, today is my 24th birthday! In honour of today, I’m taking the day off blogging. I’m excited to go out for supper with my fiancĂ© Mike and spend the evening relaxing at my apartment and watching a movie together. We haven’t just hung out at home together in WEEKS and all I… Read more »