Cross-Stitch iPhone Case

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One of my most favourite Christmas gifts from Mike this year was a cross-stitch iPhone case that I’d been eyeing. I’ve been slowly working on it for the past few weeks and finally finished it this weekend!

I love how it turned out! But it took a lot of work to get to this point. The case didn’t come with a pattern, and only three colours of embroidery thread. Thankfully, I had my childhood container of thread (seriously, that thread is probably 20 years old), as well as a bag that I ended up with from my great-grandma after she passed.

I ended up using 8 colours:
- 355
- 433
- 608
- 720
- 741
- 955
- 959
- as well as an unlabelled yellow

Since the case didn’t come with any patterns, I was able to make my own design! I decided to make a Navajo pattern of arrows and diamonds. At first I ended up just drawing it out on paper, but it took too long and didn’t leave a lot of room for error.

I know, I’m a little overambitious, but I ended up opened Illustrator and made my own template for the case before starting to lay out a pattern. It made things so much easier!

Once I had my pattern made, it was just a whole lot of hours of cross-stitching. The top and bottom of the pattern were really complex and took a long time because I had to change colours often.

Aaaand making the very last stitch! So satisfying, but a little bit sad to be done with it.

What do you think? You can purchase a cross-stitch iPhone case here, and if you want to use my Navajo pattern, go ahead and download it for free here.

    • Jessica

      I was thinking of selling them on Etsy, but I’d have to simplify the design a lot so it wouldn’t take so long. Maybe I can think of a way to make it work. :)

  1. karen

    this is SO awesome! i’m really impressed with your pattern development skills :) teach me your ways!

    also, hi from your newest reader! really looking forward to reading more.

    • Jessica

      Thanks so much Karen! This was my first time making a pattern, but I have another case here so I think I might make one more. ;)

      Thanks for reading! :)

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  3. julia

    i freaking love this! it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for! thanks for your awesome artistry!


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