Leanne’s Tea Party Bridal Shower

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My wonderful sister-in-law (my husband’s sister) Leanne was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding back in October. She’s so sweet and I’m so glad to have another sister! Leanne also happened to get engaged to her fiancĂ© Chris about a month before Mike and I got engaged. I know Leanne put a lot of time and energy into helping get things ready for our wedding, so when it came time to plan Leanne’s bridal shower, I wanted to return the favour by making it as special as possible.

I’ve been getting things ready for the bridal shower for a few weeks now (hence my lack of blogging, eep!) and the shower was yesterday, so I’m so excited that I can finally share what I’ve been working on! The other bridesmaids and I decided on a tea party theme, knowing Leanne’s love of tea and of all things girly/pink. I think we should have tea parties more often!

When I told my grandma that the shower was tea party themed, she graciously said we could borrow her tea cup collection. I pictured her collection being about a dozen cups, but in fact was more like 50! I have to say, the tea cups really made the decorations amazing! I think I got asked about a dozen times where the cups were from. They looked amazing!

Mike and I made Martha Stewart shortbread cookies with homemade jam (by Mike’s mom) with Leanne and Chris’s initials, sprinkled with raw cane sugar. So cute and so yummy!

We weren’t allowed to put anything on the walls or ceiling of the hall, which lead me to go heavy on table decorations. I decided to use books as a base for the centrepiece. But I’m a little nutty and neurotic about matching colours, so I made custom covers for all the books so they’d be pretty and consistent. Atop of stacks of books was a tea cup filled with a big peony for some fun colour and texture.

Each table setting had a tea cup with a rose petal holding a white sugar cube and a cane sugar cube. Favour boxes (I didn’t get a picture of the inside, boo!) held pink tissue paper and one of three selections of loose tea from David’s Tea. Confession: I chose the three kinds of tea based on how pretty they were. Also on the fact that the one called Pink Flamingo makes hot pink tea.

This is me setting everything up. I didn’t know Mike was taking the picture, hence the no-lip mouth thing going on. I’m weird.

I had planned on making a slideshow of Leanne growing up to loop on the wall, but we ended up not being able to connect our laptop to the projector (boo!) so the slideshow didn’t happen. I did, however, get the chance to go through a ton of old family photos at Mike’s house. Which lead to many pictures of Mike as a boy, something I’d rarely gotten to see!

I’m officially giving you all permission to swoon over my husband’s cuteness. This was labeled as his first day of kindergarten.

  1. Sindy

    Great job Jess! You are very fortunate to have your grandmother, she seems to be very much into the same things you are! The party looks like it would have been amazing and beautiful!
    Gotta love the old pictures. Im still wanting to go through some of my mother-in-law’s pictures and scan some of when Caleb was a child. I have one framed in my house, but want to get a few more! …Especially the one that she got published in the Mothering magazine. That one is adorable!

  2. Jaclyn

    Love love love the books as decoration! I’ve seen that in wedding blogs, and I adore the idea!

  3. Oma

    Hi jess what a beautiful job you did.I,m so glad you could use the teacups. I love sharing them. Lots of them were our wedding gifts and the others gifts from friesen lumber days. They are so special, just like you. Love u. Oma

  4. Melissah

    Hi there! I just discovered your lovely blog. I’m just new into blogging this year & have just finished off my own blog on fashion, food, travel & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.


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